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  1. Mrs Marion Ward says:

    Hi there

    I bought your book Progesterone the ultimate woman’s feel Google hormone. On page 50 it states if I sign up to the newsletter then the Lab PDF is downloadable for free. But this is not one of the options emailed to me and doesn’t appear on the site either.

    Can you please send me a copy of this PDF or clear instructions on how to download this from the site?

    Many thanks
    Marianne Ward

  2. Marykathryn says:

    Hi! I have the 85% solution MTHFR book and have been reading it while I wait for results from the 23 and me saliva test.

    I have my results and have a MTHFR mutation. Where do I go from here? I read a lot about your spectrum intercellular test but wasn’t sure where to go to get that? I live in Charlotte NC.

    Thanks for your knowledge and wisdom!

    1. Hello! You are more than welcome to contact our office at (801) 796-7667 or email at appointments@aespmi.com to schedule a phone consult where Dr. Purser can go over your results and help plan out supplements to take. He can also help you get that Spectracell Intracellular Micronutrient Panel done as well.

      Thank you

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