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Dan Purser MD for Physicians

Books, courses, and product design, development and manufacturing – medicine outside of insurance does exist. Medicine will probably no longer make you rich or even comfortable, and leave you feeling washed out and exhausted every day as you drag home.
The rules, regulations and insurance denials have beat you down – I get that, I’m a doctor too. Well I have a new approach for you — quit living in defeat – medicine in the new world of the internet world rocks – and the pie is ever growing. My speaking fees are awesome, I’ve had TWELVE #1 books on Amazon (so yes, I have been labeled by Amazon as a Best Selling Author – that’s cool!), I get to speak all over the world and have more gigs scheduled, and by the end of 2016 we’ll be manufacturing over 200 products for various companies. It’s more money than you could imagine. And we also have two products working through the FDA approval process – that’s real money. My life is golden, I don’t worry about insurance audits or denials. I see maybe eight patients in a day. And I have fun and love life. I LOVE MY LIFE.

I go home every day JAZZED!

Can you say that?

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Thanks and God Bless!