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  1. where would you find such a pharmacist? Is a prescription required?

    1. Sorry, just to clarify, are you looking for a pharmacist to do Progesterone Tablets? Or can you elaborate a little more.


    2. Ellen Godfrey says:

      First let me say I’m not a physician, nor do I play one on television and Dr. Purser can clarify this. You should be able to locate a compounding pharmacy by doing a google or yellow pages search or ask your pharmacist if they do compounding or ask your physician if he recommends a specific compounding pharmacy. (My dad was a pharmacist and he did compounding.) Unless I’m totally deluded, I would imagine you would need a prescription from your physician for the testosterone cream.

  2. Susie says:

    Is there a product to buy for testosterone cream? Or do you have to go to a compounding pharmacist for that? Is there a prescription that you will share with my local Oklahoma City pharmacist?

  3. debra williams says:

    Dr. I had hysterectomy in 2014. I’m now 48 years old and take ogen 1.5mg two pills a day. I was on one pill daily. I had no energy,no sex drive and very dry mouth. The doctor increased me to two pills a day. The symptoms have gotten better but still low energy. I work out on weight training daily and cardio. I am a gym freak. I have gained 10 pounds and no matter how hard I work or watch diet it want go down. All my trainers keep thinking thyroid but I had thyroid panel done and it was all normal. I have been to multiple doctors and either that tell me to take nothing or put me on patch. I too the minivelle patch after my hysterectomy for 1 1/2 years. When I had my estrogen level checked I had none. I finally found doctor in Houston who gave my ogen which has helped tremendously but I still do not feel 100 percent. I asked him about testosterone and he said when estrogen was right I would be fine. He does not believe in women using it. Weight gain,loss of sleep,loss of energy please help

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