A few insights to Dan Purser

 Great Salt Lake 2015

Great Salt Lake 2015

If you’re like us, you want to know the stories behind the names… so we went straight to the source, Dr. Dan Purser himself, for a little insight on his background. Here’s what Dr. Purser had to tell us about some influential times and people in his life-

"I grew up in the countryside of Oklahoma and we only had three TV channels (in those days, we had an antenna, no cable), so I watched a lot of M*A*S*H. I know, I know, not ideal to get your goals and aspirations from a sitcom, but I loved Hawkeye Pierce. He slept by the really sick patient’s bedside! He bent silly, inane rules to help the patient! He actually had a heart and was not an automaton. I loved that. All of it. It’s been my practice now for decades.

I struggled with (and always will, I guess) the unwritten, silly, inane rules of medicine- unquestioningly doing what the government (uhh, remember the Food Pyramid?) pharmaceutical companies, and the FDA tell us to do (uhh, the last 1,000 drugs that have been pulled off the market due to safety issues were all 100% FDA approved).

I eschew insurance- their advice and rules for patient care are about 50% self-serving and to the detriment of patients. No thanks."

Thanks, Dr. Purser, for these insights. We look forward to hearing more in the coming months!