Thyroid Problems and Solutions with Dan Purser MD - Pt. 1

In the recording of this Facebook Live, Dr. Purser takes questions about thyroid health and well-being, and shares his common treatment options. This is only part one!

Low Testosterone in Men | What are the causes, and how to raise levels?

Dr. Purser discusses his treatment options for men with low T. He also mentions several unique cases and what he did to help them. Come take a listen!

Low Testosterone in Women | Facebook Live with Dr. Purser | Let's Spill the Tea on Low T!

This episode is the audio recording from Dr. Purser's Facebook live on July 10, 2019. In this episode he discuses the benefits of healthy testosterone levels in women.


Dan Purser MD and Dr. Mike Clark discuss various genetic markers that could lead to autism. What can you do to help? Listen now!