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Copper Toxicity - Lotus Life (6.22.18)

There are many foods that are high copper, but did you know that these foods can lead flare ups of Fibromyalgia? Don’t let this sneak up on you! Be smart about the foods you choose to consume.

Cancer cell scientific illustration

Benefits of fasting - lotus life (6.6.18)

Another post by Melissa Soria and Dr. Purser detailing the benefits of fasting, both for everyday life, and for cancer survival!

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Gaba - the Natural Anti-Anxiety Supplement (5.11.18)

Is there a natural anti-anxiety medication? Don't get addicted to other harmful drugs, try GABA

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Who cares about a glutathione product? (4.26.18)

Who cares about a glutathione? What does a genuine glutathione product require to fully function?

Plaque Regression Studies Video Series (4.19.18)

Plaque Regression Studies Videos


Lotus Life - Melissa Soria (4.19.18)

Here are a couple insights as to why Dr. Purser does what he does.


New Products Coming! (2.28.18)

New products coming to the Physician Designed line.


Success Stories (Videos) (2.27.18)

Success stories with the help of Dr. Purser


Is a Vitamin Deficiency the Root Cause of Your Problems? (2.27.18)

Low testosterone and may other symptoms could simply be caused by a vitamin deficiency - Dan Purser MD


Key Probiotics Reviews (2.27.18)

Every once in a while I run across a product that just makes me go HUH! Why didn’t I think of that? This is one of those.

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Top 10 Steps You Can Take To Prevent Breast Cancer TODAY (2.27.18)

If you have family history of breast cancer, here are some tips tricks that reduce risk


Low Testosterone and Vitamin Deficiencies (2.27.18)

Low Testosterone and Vitamin Deficiencies can be caused by vitamin deficiencies, take a look at a real life laboratory chart that proves this


Top 12 Steps You Can Take To Prevent Colon Cancer TODAY (2.27.18)

This article talks about ten simple steps you can take and control right now to prevent colon cancer


Life Extension® Neuro-Mag® (Magnesium L-Threonate) Product Review (2.27.18)

If you you are concerned about memory loss, this life extension neuro mag review is going to help you know the best way to use the supplement


Testosterone For Vaginal Dryness & Muscle Wasting In Women (2.27.18)

Testosterone is an amazing hormone for women. In women, it's produced in the ovaries and helps with vaginal dryness


The Only Usable Form Of Glutathione Is Reduced Glutathione Or GSH! (2.27.18)

This will be the first of many articles on glutathione, especially the reduced form is known as GSH – the ideal glutathione is reduced glutathione


Where do I Get My Labs - DirectLabs® Laboratory Tests (2.27.18)

Direct Labs Laboratory Tests - are the only tests I rely on they give me all the relevant information and data I need to solve my patients issues.


GMO vs non-GMO (2.27.18)

Do you really know what GMO means? What is the difference between GMO vs Non GMO? I explain GMO in this blog post.


GENOVA™ Neopterin Biopterin Urine Profile for MTHFR (2.27.18)

Excessive Neopterin NEGATIVELY impacts the Nitric Oxide pathway in the body


VARS Liposomal Glutathione (2.27.18)

A quick announcement about VARS Liposomal Glutathione.