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Always Bring Glutathione When You Travel

Doctor Purser talks about our Physician Designed product "VARS Glutathione" and how it helped us during our time in Hawaii! VARS is a life changing product, so get some of your own at PhysicianDesigned.com Follow us!

MTHFR Support Plus

Thanks for watching our announcement of the ALL NEW MTHFR SUPPORT PLUS! This product can be used hand in hand with our original MTHFR Support and we know that after you get the dosage down it will work wonders in your life! We are so excited to have this out on the market for you all!

Low Testosterone in Women

Dr. Purser takes some time to talk about low testosterone in women, what symptoms you can expect to see, and what to do to help it.

The Future of Medicine

In this video, Doctor Purser gives his brief thoughts on how medicine and our knowledge of genetics still have such a long way to come! In the next 20, 50, 100 years, what we know as the medical field along with its research in genetics will be completely different!

Sirt 1 Enzymes: Important Info

Dr. Purser explains this Sirtuin Enzymes and the benefits of using a Sirtuin along side a functional Glutathione and garlic. Natural Anti Aging! Take a look!

Iliotibial Band Problems

This week he shows us how to work out Iliotibial band tightness, and how to to stretch.

A new product from Dr. Dan Purser will soon be available. MTHFR Support Plus.

Validation of Glutathione

Dr. Purser explains the real reasons you need a truly validated and absorbable glutathione. GSH vs GSSG. 

Low Testosterone in Men

Dr. Purser goes over a couple of the struggles that men face with low testosterone. What can you do to overcome? 

Critical Information on Fibromyalgia

Dr. Dan Purser explains a couple good updates with Fibromyalgia. 

Plaque Regression and Niacin?

Part 2 of Plaque Regression studies. What are the effects of Niacin and the regression of plaque? Come along and listen with Dr. Purser! 

Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Hypothyroidism

Dr. Dan takes us on another journey to better understand that fibro symptoms don't always mean it's fibromyalgia. Have you had your Free T3 checked lately? 

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Avoid High Copper Foods

If you have copper toxicity and and fibromyalgia, what happens when you eat foods high in copper? Come along now, and find out with Dr. Dan Purser! 

Co Q-10 and Thyroid

Dr. Purser discusses the importance of taking CoQ10 along with your Thyroid medication. Take a listen! drsinatra.com 


Top 3 Causes of Low Testosterone in Men

Dr. Purser briefly discusses what can cause low T in men. Is it a head injury, genetics, or nutritional? 

Everyday Benefits of Zinc

Dr. Purser explains the benefits of healthy zinc blood levels, and the struggles that may arise due to lack of zinc. Learn why zinc is critical for functionality in your thyroid gland, thyroid receptors, and insulin receptors.

VARS Glutathione and Skin Lightening

Studies show that Glutathione can be used to Lighten Skin! VARS Glutathione will most likely do it better than any other! Try some now! PhysicianDesigned.com

Top 3 Benefits of Progesterone

Dr. Dan Purser explains the top benefits of natural progesterone. The benefits are: 1- Progesterone lowers or gets rid of hot flashes. 2- Progesterone lowers or gets rid of night sweats. 3- Progesterone decreases risk of breast cancer by as much as 500%.

Testosterone Cream/Gel Not Working?

Dr. Dan Purser explains why your testosterone cream may not be working for you. Learn why you may not have the skin structure that allows appropriate absorption of testosterone cream or gel.

Benefits of Fasting

Dr. Dan Purser shares the benefits of fasting in everyday life. Have you ever tried a 72 hour fast? The benefits of fasting include: reduction of pre-malignant stem cells, and reduced risk of cancer. 

Do Women Need Testosterone?

Dr. Dan Purser explains why women need testosterone. Learn about how testosterone promotes muscle strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health, prevents congestive heart failure, promotes healthy moisture of eyes, mouth and vagina. 

What is MTHFR?

Dr. Dan Purser explains the diagnosis and treatment of MTHFR (methylenteterahydrofolate reductase enzyme deficiency disease). Learn the genetic component of this illness such as C677T or A1298C, and how they affect the body's inability of methylation of carbohydrates into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

Thyroid Medications Recommended by Dr. Dan Purser

Dr. Dan Purser shares his insights on the best thyroid medications. Discover how chemically made, bioidentical synthetic medications such as L-Thyroxine or Synthroid (T4) safely mimic natural substances. Learn how pituitary function is related to TSH, and how damaged pituitaries cannot produce TSH.

My Favorite Essential Oil and Why

Dr. Dan Purser reveals his favorite essential oil, Clary Sage. Learn how Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea) mimics Estrogens, specifically Estradiol in post-menopausal women to reduce symptoms of menopause. Discover how long-term use of Clary Sage may reduce breast cancer risk by as much as 30%!

The 85% Solution

Learn how most of the US population carries the gene for this mysterious disorder - MTHFR -- and an ever growing number of people realize they suffer from this problem - they have methylation problems, folate deficiency, and lack of methylfolate in their diet and it's killing them, and possibly you.

Neuropathy Caused by Vitamin Deficiency?

Explore the relationship of vitamin deficiency to neuropathy, a painful and disabling condition. Learn how a SpectraCell Comprehensive Nutritional Panel can help reveal intracellular deficiencies. Explore the relationship of genetic diseases such as MTHFR relate to neuropathy.

What you don't know about Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Dr. Dan Purser explains Vitamin D3 deficiency. Learn how this deficiency may contribute to new onset of Type 1 Diabetes, and how it relates to insulin receptors. Explore other symptoms of this deficiency such as osteoporosis, fatigue, and even pallor.

Plaque Regression Studies Pt. 1

Dr. Dan Purser discusses health benefits of plaque regression. Learn the risks of plaque buildup in the carotid arteries and coronary artery. Learn the relationship of plaque to heart attack, stroke, erectile dysfunction, and a host of other disease associations.

Vitamin K - Why do I need it? 

Do you struggle with osteoporosis or bleeding disorders and never really understood what the root cause was? Learn why Vitamin K is so critical to bone density and prevention of osteoporosis.

What can help Chronic Renal Failure?

Dr. Purser explains the very best way to help overcome Chronic Renal Failure. Watch and find out! 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Do you wonder what causes Chronic Fatigue? Dr. Dan Purser explains the top causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), and shares what steps to take to get feeling normal again.

Fibromyalgia Caused by High Serum Copper Level?

Dr. Purser explains what Metallothionein dysfunctions are and how high metal levels can cause fibromyalgia. Learn how to fix your pains today! If you need help now, contact our office at (801)796-7667 or email at appointments@aespmi.com 

When do I take CoQ10?

Dr. Dan Purser shares a few insights as to when you should take CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10). Learn about the relationship of CoQ10 to hypothyroidism and cardiovascular health. Learn about taking CoQ10 in combination with a lipid lowering statin medication.

Fibromyalgia and Metallothionein Dysfunctions. 

Dr. Dan Purser explains what Metallothionein dysfunctions are, and how metal toxicity can cause Fibromyalgia. Learn how high serum copper levels cause painful inflammation in muscles, nerves, and joints. Explore the genetic components associated with fibromyalgia.

What is Glutathione?

Dr. Dan Purser explains the facts about Glutathione. Learn about tripeptide amino acids. Discover information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding Glutathione.

VARS Glutathione - How to Use

Dr. Dan Purser explains how Glutathione works, how to use the product, and how much to use. Explore the antioxidant similarities of Glutathione to Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) such as antiviral properties, blood vessel health, bone health, and support of hormone production.

Dr. Purser Answers Your Progesterone Questions, Live on Facebook!

In this Q+A session, Dr. Dan Purser answers actual patients' questions regarding Progesterone. Learn the benefits of natural bioidentical progesterone as opposed to the risks of synthetic substitutes.