Methylation Errors - Could These Be the Cause of Your Fatigue?

Explore with Dr. Purser how methylation errors may be causing your fatigue. Be sure to check out the End Fibromyalgia with Natural Options Facebook page for more help and tips at

Ways To Tell If You Have Fibromyalgia!

Ever wondered if the pains you're feeling might be caused by fibromyalgia? Dr. Purser discusses how you can test for yourself and find out!

Do You Suffer From Interstitial Cystitis?

Dr. Purser discusses where you can find resources to learn of treatments for interstitial cystitis (chronic bladder pain).

What's Causing Your Chronic Fatigue?

Dr. Purser talks about what might be the cause of your chronic fatigue syndrome.


Learn the common causes of migraines in men and women. Dr. Purser shares solutions how to control your symptoms associated with migraines.


Dr. Purser explains why VARS is the only glutathione on the market that actually works.

Side Effects of Antipsychotics - Tardive Dyskinesia Study Patients Needed!

Do you, or someone you know, suffer from Tardive Dyskinesia? Dr. Purser is conducting a natural product study trial. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in participating!

Ending Fibromyalgia with Natural Options

Dr. Purser highlights a great new Facebook page 'End Fibromyalgia with Natural Options' to support those who suffer from fibromyalgia symptoms. Be sure to check out our new Copper Detox Special on!

MTHFR Support Plus Tiny Vite Is Here!

We are excited to announce our release of MTHFR Support Plus Tiny Vite! This product was designed for those who are not able to handle a full dose of MTHFR Support Plus. Each tablet is pleasantly flavored and scored making it easy for children to receive an ideal dosage. Grab a bottle today at and start feeling better!

Testosterone Cream For Women?

Do you struggle to find the right testosterone cream for low libido, PMDD, or dry vagina? Dr. Purser can help you find the right cream that will make all the difference for you!


Do you, or someone you know, suffer from neuropathy caused by your chemo treatments? Please reach out if you have would like to participate in Dr. Purser's product study trial!

Dr. Purser's Disney World Tips & Tricks

Dr. Purser shares his insights he uses to get the most out of his Disney experiences!

How Does Glutathione Work?

Dr. Purser talks about glutathione and the intricacies of how VARS works.


Discover how SpectraCell testing can help you understand how your body absorbs vitamins on an intracellular level. Dr. Purser explains how to complete the required steps for the test to avoid any complications.


Dan Purser MD discusses the potential genetic factors found in a newborn. Many could lead to severe autism.


Dr. Purser covers common terminology and phrases on MTHFR and genetics. Learn how MTHFR may be affecting how you feel!

The Link Between MTHFR and Breast Cancer!

Dr. Purser covers preventative measures for those with MTHFR should be taking in order to catch the early signs of breast cancer!

Does Birth Control Make You Feel Crazy?

Dr. Purser talks about the effects birth control has on his patients with MTHFR. If birth control has made you feel weird, consider getting tested for the MTHFR gene to start feeling normal again!

How Are Genetic Errors Related to Autism?

Dr. Purser covers genetic errors he commonly sees and how it affects vaccination receptivity. Discover how these genetic errors may lead to higher probability of developing autism.

Women's Health & Menopause with Dr. Purser on Facebook Live

Learn valuable tips and insights from Dr. Purser on Facebook Live! Dr. Purser covers Women's Health, Menopause, Young Living's Progessence Plus, Clary Sage, and much more during this information-packed video.

Amazon's Choice MTHFR Support Product!

Dr. Purser talks about the exciting news around our MTHFR Support Products, how they were designed, and how to use them!

Birth Control and Mental Illness

Dr. Purser talks about the risks and side effects that are associated with birth control pills. A recent study from JAMA Psychiatry found a 40% increase in risk of depression for women using hormonal contraception after six months. Explore non-hormonal methods of birth control to avoid this unnecessary risk.

Has Your Sex Drive Suffered After Childbearing?

Dr. Purser talks about the serious topic of postpartum depression and the effects it can have on women after having children. One cause of postpartum depression for many women is severe vitamin deficiencies after pregnancy. Don't allow these deficiencies ruin your love life!

Now Accepting New Patients!

If you are wanting to visit or conference call Dr. Purser, now is the time! Dr. Purser is currently accepting new patients and would love to address any medical issue and concern you may have.

Four Tips How to Survive a Flight

Scared of flying because of your health? Dr. Purser discusses four things he does to reduce his risk of health complications and relieve stress while traveling.

Dr. Purser and Dr. Gabe Roberts Discuss the Effects of MTHFR

Enjoy this interview between Dr. Purser and Dr. Gabe Roberts on the topic of the MTHFR genetic errors!

Could This Product Help Your Sore Muscles?

Dr. Purser shares his journey of how eating cleaner and exercising regularly has improved his insulin receptivity. He also reviews Arthroben, from Designs for Health, that has helped with osteoarthritis and painful joints.

Three MTHFR Base Products You Need to Know About!

Dr. Purser talks about the three best support supplements for MTHFR on the market today.

The Top five Side Effects of a High Homocysteine Level

Dr. Purser gives insights how to recognize if you have a high homocysteine level. Learn how to improve your level if you experience any of these signs!

What Genetic Test Should I Get for MTHFR?

Dr. Purser talks about his favorite genetic screening companies.

The Decline of Men's Testosterone

Dr. Purser talks about the decline of testosterone in men around the world and three things that may decrease average testosterone levels.

Pyrrole Disorder and Zinc Levels!

Dr. Purser talks about Pyrrole Disorder, a condition many doctors do not recognize, and how it affects your zinc levels.

What Homocysteine Levels & MTHFR Mean to You!

Does a normal homocysteine level imply that you don't need to treat MTHFR? Find out in this video!

Are Vitamins Really Helpful?

Are vitamins really helpful? Listen to Dr. Purser as he explains the benefits of vitamin supplements and why some studies, that claim otherwise, may be wrong.


Enjoy this quick video about BPC-157, an option to help with your tight muscles and tendons.

Are You Really Gluten Intolerant?

Many think they are gluten intolerant when in reality they suffer from something else. Enjoy this video of Dr. Purser explaining what you could be suffering from instead of gluten intolerance.

Breast Cancer Awareness With Dr. Purser on Facebook Live

Enjoy this special Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook Live with Dr. Purser! He answers breast cancer related questions and gives helpful tips with Melissa Soria. They discuss her breast cancer story and how she dealt with her diagnosis.

Dr. Purser in the Bahamas - How is MTHFR Support Different From MTHFR Support Plus?

This video is coming from the Bahamas! Dr. Purser talks about the difference between MTHFR Support and MTHFR Support Plus. He explains how to use both together effectively to help your vitamin deficiencies!


Enjoy this Facebook Live event when Dr. Purser answers your questions on fibromyalgia. He touches on topics including causes of fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia symptoms, how to control fibromyalgia flare ups, what supplements manage fibromyalgia best, and much more!


Dr. Purser notices seasonal changes can be difficult for his fibromyalgia patients. If your fibromyalgia gets worse based on the weather, this video can help you gain insight to better manage aches and pains this season!

What Is Leukopenia and What Causes It?

Enjoy this short video as Dr. Purser talks on the cause of leukopenia (low white blood cell count) he sees most commonly in patients. We hope this video helps those of you struggling to understand leukopenia!

These Medications Are Causing Liver Cancer

Dr. Purser shares breaking news in this video of medications that could affect you! Make sure to talk with your doctor about these medicines found to cause liver cancer.

The Physician Designed MTHFR Support Supplement

We are excited to announce MTHFR Support in the 'Physician Designed' line of supplements! This supplement is a phenomenal base to help with your MTHFR-related vitamin deficiencies. Be sure to give it a try to see how it can improve your quality of life!

Are Vitamins the Cause of Your Problems?

Take a look at this all-new ‘Old Medical Wives' Tales’ video of common vitamin and supplement myths. Dr. Purser debunks these myths and sets the story straight on the effectiveness of vitamins!


CRISPR is in the process of coming up with a treatment to change your genetic mutations. This could mean helping fix the mutations that put you at risk for Alzheimer's disease, macular degeneration, strokes, or Factor V Leiden. Stay on the look out for this very exciting new technology as it advances!

Five Things About Testosterone Your Doctor Has Wrong

Dr. Purser touches on the five most common things that doctors either don't know, or just get wrong about low testosterone in both men and women. We hope this video gives you hope as you learn that there is always a cause for low testosterone and with a properly educated doctor, there should always be a solution!

Two Little Known Facts About Liver Disease

Commonly overlooked facts of NAFLD relation with MTHFR and how increased liver enzymes can be helped by glutatione! Enjoy this video of two little known facts about liver disease Dr. Purser wants to share with you!

Five Things About Breast Cancer Your Doctor Has Wrong

Dr. Purser hopes to help clear up the many common misconceptions about breast cancer with regards to progesterone, birth control, estradiol, and mirena IUDs in this fact based video.

What Fatty Liver Disease & MTHFR Means for You

Enjoy this video of Dr. Purser discussing new research on the causes of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). Dr. Purser believes MTHFR is very closely associated with this disease and is excited to see what future research might unveil!

Why Utah is the Antidepressant Capital of the World

With more people needing help with depression and anxiety, it's so important we understand what may be causing this widespread epidemic. In this video, Dr. Purser covers one of the biggest causes of depression, anxiety, and fatigue he sees in his work.

Three Anxiety Symptoms as Seen by Doctors

We ask you please seek help if your anxiety becomes an issue in your day-to-day life. We hope this video will help you recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety Dr. Purser sees in himself and those he helps.

The Reason Your Fibromyalgia Won’t Get Better

Dr. Purser talks on fibromyalgia and the possible reason why some people might not see improvements with their own fibromyalgia. For those of you looking for help with your fibromyalgia we hope this video gives you some insight on what might be making your life more difficult than it needs to be.

Sirt 1 Enzymes: Important Info

Dr. Purser explains Sirtuin Enzymes and the benefits of using a Sirtuin with a functional glutathione and garlic. Natural Anti Aging! Take a look!

New MTHFR Support Plus!

This product can be used hand in hand with our original MTHFR Support and once you get the dosage down, it will work wonders in your life! We are so excited to have this out on the market for you all!

Low Testosterone in Women and what that means for you

Dr. Purser takes time to talk about low testosterone in women, what symptoms you can expect to see, and what to do to help it.

The Future of Medicine

In this video, Dr. Purser gives his thoughts on how medicine and our knowledge of genetics still have a long way to come! In the next 20 to 100 years, what we know as the medical field along with its research in genetics will be completely different!


Learn from those who have succeeded with the help of Dr. Purser.

How to Help IT Band Syndrome

This week Dr. Purser shows us how to work out Iliotibial band tightness, and how to to stretch.

MTHFR Support Plus Announcement

MTHFR Support plus will soon be available!

Low Testosterone in Men

Dr. Purser goes over a couple of the struggles that men face with low testosterone. What can you do to overcome?

Critical Information on Fibromyalgia

Dr. Purser explains updates with Fibromyalgia!

Plaque Regression and Niacin?

Part Two of Plaque Regression studies. What are the effects of Niacin and the regression of plaque? Come and listen to Dr. Purser!

Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Hypothyroidism

Dr. Purser takes us on another journey to better understand that fibromyalgia symptoms don't always mean it's fibromyalgia. Have you had your Free T3 checked lately?

Avoid High Copper Foods

If you have copper toxicity and fibromyalgia, what happens when you eat foods high in copper? Come and find out with Dr. Purser!

CoQ10 and Thyroid Medication

Dr. Purser discusses the importance of taking CoQ10 along with your thyroid medication. Take a listen!

Top Three Causes of Low Testosterone in Men

Dr. Purser briefly discusses what can cause low testosterone in men. Is it a head injury, genetics, or nutritional?

Everyday Benefits of Zinc

Dr. Purser explains the benefits of healthy zinc blood levels, and the struggles that may arise due to lack of zinc. Learn why zinc is critical for functionality in your thyroid gland, thyroid receptors, and insulin receptors.

Top Three Benefits of Progesterone

Dr. Purser explains the top benefits of natural progesterone. These benefits include: (1) Lowers or eliminates hot flashes (2) Lowers or eliminates night sweats (3) Decreases risk of breast cancer up to 500%.

Testosterone Cream/Gel Not Working?

Dr. Purser explains why your testosterone cream may not be working for you. Learn why you may not have the skin structure that allows appropriate absorption of testosterone cream or gel.

Benefits of Fasting

Dr. Purser shares the benefits of fasting in everyday life. Have you ever tried a 72-hour fast? The benefits of fasting include reduction of premalignant stem cells and risk of cancer.

Do Women Need Testosterone?

Dr. Purser explains why women need testosterone. Learn about how testosterone promotes muscle strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, healthy moisture of eyes, mouth and vagina while preventing congestive heart failure.

What is MTHFR?

Dr. Purser explains the diagnosis and treatment of MTHFR (methylenteterahydrofolate reductase enzyme deficiency disease). Learn the genetic component of this illness (such as C677T or A1298C) and how both affect the body's inability of methylation of carbohydrates into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

Thyroid Medications Recommended by Dr. Purser

Dr. Purser shares his insights on the best thyroid medications. Discover how chemically made, bioidentical synthetic medications such as L-Thyroxine or Synthroid (T4) safely mimic natural substances. Learn how pituitary function is related to TSH, and how damaged pituitaries cannot produce TSH.

My Favorite Essential Oil and Why

Dr. Purser reveals his favorite essential oil, Clary Sage. Learn how Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea) mimics Estrogens, specifically Estradiol in post-menopausal women to reduce symptoms of menopause. Discover how long-term use of Clary Sage may reduce breast cancer risk up to 30%!

MTHFR And The 85% Solution

Learn how most of the United States population carries the gene for this mysterious disorder, MTHFR. An increasing number of people realize they suffer from symptoms of MTHFR (methylation problems, folate deficiencies, and lack of methylfolate). Learn how it's killing them, and possibly you.

Neuropathy Caused by Vitamin Deficiency?

Explore the relationship of vitamin deficiency and neuropathy, a painful and disabling condition. Learn how a SpectraCell Comprehensive Nutritional Panel can help reveal intracellular deficiencies. Explore the relationship of how genetic diseases, such as MTHFR, relate to neuropathy.

What You Don't Know About Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Dr. Purser explains Vitamin D3 deficiency. Learn how this deficiency may contribute to new onset of Type 1 diabetes, and how it relates to insulin receptors. Explore other symptoms of this deficiency such as osteoporosis, fatigue, and pallor.

Plaque Regression Studies - Part One

Dr. Purser discusses health benefits of plaque regression. Learn the risks of plaque buildup in the carotid arteries and coronary artery. Learn how plaque affects heart attack, stroke, erectile dysfunction, and other diseases.

Vitamin K - Why Do I Need It?

Do you struggle with osteoporosis or bleeding disorders? Learn why Vitamin K is critical to bone density and prevention of osteoporosis.

What Can Help Chronic Renal Failure?

Dr. Purser explains the best way to help overcome Chronic Renal Failure. Watch to find out!

What Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Do you wonder what causes chronic fatigue? Dr. Purser explains the top causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and shares what steps to take to feel normal again.

Fibromyalgia Caused By High Serum Copper Level?

Dr. Purser explains what Metallothionein dysfunctions are and how high metal levels can cause fibromyalgia. Learn how to fix your pains today! If you need help now, contact us at (801) 796-7667 or

When Do I Take CoQ10?

Dr. Purser shares a few insights as to when you should take CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10). Learn about the relationship of CoQ10 to hypothyroidism and cardiovascular health. Learn about taking CoQ10 in combination with a lipid lowering statin medication.

Fibromyalgia and Metallothionein Dysfunctions

Dr. Purser explains symptoms of Metallothionein dysfunctions and how metal toxicity can cause fibromyalgia. Learn how high serum copper levels cause painful inflammation in muscles, nerves, and joints. Explore the genetic components associated with fibromyalgia.

Dr. Purser Answers Your Questions About Estradiol on Facebook Live!

Dr. Purser answers questions regarding estradiol, estrogens, and other hormones. Explore the relationship of estradiol to estrogen and learn which hormones are most effective at different stages of menopause: premenopause, perimenopause, and postmenopause.

Dr. Purser Answers Your Questions About Progesterone On Facebook Live!

In this Q&A session, Dr. Purser answers patients' questions about progesterone. Learn the benefits of natural bioidentical progesterone and risks of synthetic substitutes.