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Dr. Purser and his team with Physician Designed have been hard at work to launch 3 new products. These are MTHFR Support, Copper Balance and MTHFR Support Plus. 

Along with these, we have also prepared a new flavor of our VARS Liposomal Glutathione. Mint Burst Glutathione and MTHFR Support Plus are available now at

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Newest Product from PhysicianDesigned.comMTHFR Support Plus


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Utah is the Anti Depressant Capital of the world. Why are people so depressed and what can be done to help them? 

If you are struggling with depression, dive a little deeper and find the root issues. Don't settle for Band Aid alternatives. 

Contact our office at (801) 796-7667 or email for help with anxiety. 

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Guest writer Melissa Soria is back again to explain the benefits of fasting. Have you ever tried a 24 or 72 hour fast? What would the benefit of that be? Come take a read! 

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