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Methylation Errors - Could These Be the Cause of Your Fatigue?

Explore with Dr. Purser how methylation errors may be causing your fatigue. Be sure to check out the End Fibromyalgia with Natural Options Facebook page for more help and tips at

Naturally Cope With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome!

Discover how to naturally cope with PCOS during this Facebook Live recording with Dr. Purser.

MTHFR Support Plus Tiny Vite is Now Available for purchase!

The Tiny Vite is pleasantly flavored and scored making it easy to take half the dosage of a normal MTHFR Support Plus capsule. These scored tables are easy to break in half helping children receive an ideal dosage! 

Genetic Testing Available Online!

Have you wondered why you continue to struggle with health complications despite changing your eating habits and improving your exercise routine? Genetic tests and panels may help you find the answers you need and are now available for purchase online!

Ending Fibromyalgia with Natural Options

Do you suffer from painful fibromyalgia symptoms? Explore solutions with Melissa as she shares her struggles with fibromyalgia and start feeling better today!

One-Year Old’s Genetics vs Autism

In these videos, Dr Mike Clark and Dan Purser MD drill down into the genetic errors of two children and discuss their potential inflammation, immune system functionality (or lack thereof), risk for autism, how to vaccinate, therapy options, and stressors.

Online Courses

Courses by Dr. Dan Purser are now available through Learn at your own pace and feel better!

Designs for Health Select

Order your nutritional supplements how you want! Designs for Health has developed a solution that offers the freedom of choice and luxury of convenience how you want to purchase supplements.

Use promo code DFH92622 for 15% off your first order!

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