MTHFR and The 85% Solution


Do you have problems with depression but most antidepressants made it worse? Are you fatigued all the time despite stimulants and amphetamines doctors readily prescribe? Do regular vitamins give you a stomach aches and nausea? The newest book from best-selling (ten #1 books on Amazon) author Dan Purser MD addresses these issues.

Learn how most of the United States population carries the gene for this mysterious disorder, MTHFR. An increasing number of people realize they suffer from symptoms of MTHFR (methylation problems, folate deficiencies, and lack of methylfolate). Learn how it's killing them, and possibly you.

Learn the meaning of MTHFR Heterozygous, C677T, MTHFR Homozygous, A1298C, folate depression. As you find out how to use a MTHFR Protocol for each disease, use natural folate, methylfolate dosage, and MTHFR vitamins. Explore how to figure out if you have MTHFR, giving you relief in this unique MTHFR book.

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