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Dr. Purser and his team with Physician Designed have been hard at work to launch 3 new products. These are MTHFR Support, Metallothionein Support and MTHFR Support Plus. 

Along with these, we have also prepared a new flavor of our VARS Liposomal Glutathione. Mint Burst should be available on the store soon. 

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Then schedule a phone consult with Dr. Purser to review the results with you. 

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Newest Product from PhysicianDesigned.comMint Burst VARS Glutathione


Lotus Life - Melissa Soria

We have a guest writer this time, and she shares some great insights to Dr. Purser and the amazing work he continues to share. 

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Why do you need a validated glutathione for it to be functional? Dr. Purser explains this in a brief video this week. We strive to come out with a new video each week. 

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