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We are excited to announce the arrival of MTHFR Support, Copper Balance, and MTHFR Support Plus!

VARS Mint Burst Liposomal Glutathione now has a refreshing taste along with its great benefits! 

VARS Mint Burst Liposomal Glutathione and MTHFR Support Plus are now available at

Product Store - MTHFR Support Plus

Check out our newest product MTHFR Support Plus! This product can be used hand in hand with our original MTHFR Support and once you get the dosage down, it will work wonders in your life! We are so excited to have this out on the market for you all!


Video Library - 5 THings About Breast Cancer Your Doctor Has Wrong

Doctor Purser hopes to help clear up the many common misconceptions about breast cancer with regards to progesterone, birth control, estradiol, and mirena IUDs in this fact based video.

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Blog - Benefits of fasting

Guest writer, Melissa Soria, explains the benefits of fasting. Have you tried a 24- or 72-hour fast? What would be the benefit of that? Read to learn more!

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